Quieting Titles

Did you buy a property at a tax sale? After purchasing a property at tax sale, the purchaser must wait one year before foreclosing on the owner’s right to redeem. Once the year is completed, the purchaser of the taxes can begin the process to Quieting Title to the property. A quiet title petition is a petition filed with the Superior Court of the county where the property lies. The petition asks the court to correct the title issues (or quiet the title) and to put the property into the purchaser’s name. Georgia law outlines the process of foreclosing on the right to redeem, and if the purchaser does not execute this process correctly, they could find themselves in trouble. If you are looking to clear the title of a property purchased at tax sale, contact Attorney GainesĀ at 678-735-5487 and let our firm assist you in filing your quiet title!

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