Our mission at The Law Firm of Gaines & Associates, P.C. is to help our clients achieve success by developing and delivering innovative solutions to legal problems. We are guided by the following philosophy:

Results: Our practice focuses on results, combining creativity and practical judgment with a strong emphasis on logical solutions. 

Skill: Our attorneys demonstrate exceptional skill, achievement and integrity. 

Quality: The hallmark of Gaines & Associates is quality, as reflected by the strength and longevity of our client relationships and our growth. 

Responsiveness: We share our clients' sense of urgency, representing them tenaciously, and responding promptly with whatever is required to accomplish the task. 

Value: We are sensitive to legal costs, weighing the value of services rendered and matching resources to client objectives. 

If your financially struggling family is facing a pending foreclosure — or if forward-looking estate planning is your goal — our Georgia law firm provides the caring, compassionate, faith-based representation you need at this critical time in your life. The Law Firm of Gaines & Associates, P.C., assists individuals, couples, families and business owners across Atlanta who are seeking relief from a wide variety of stressful legal issues. Whether you need defense against foreclosure on your home, solid support for estate planning and probate litigation, aggressive advocacy for a real estate dispute or guidance for your business startup, our dedicated firm will turn your problems into solutions. Our firm uses our many years of combined experience to create the best possible experience for our clients — and the best possible results.



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